So there I was and here I am~

So there I was:

My brain fried from the Calculus placement exam (please, Cal 1 was last semester, who remembers that anyway?), my attention span slowly waning, and my energy gradually seeping away.

And then I remembered what Dad said. “You should start blogging! It’ll be nice to see how you’re doing in Iowa and it’ll help your writing skills.” And so, I googled ‘how to start a blog’ and read two articles about why bother blogging in the first place and how to get it all started.

And here I am:

Blogging. (Which, by the way, actually in it’s rudimentary form is just…typing. I’m just here, at home, in sweats, typing. But saying that I’m blogging makes it sound more sophisticated, so there!)

I don’t really know for sure how this whole thing is going to happen, but so far I’m liking the idea. My plan is to be writing about, well, my life; thoughts, reflections, random fangirl moments over books or music, spontaneous ideas, verses I like, etc. I’ll try to organize my posts by relevant topics, like music, faith, culture, and reflections, or something along those lines.

As for how I write…well, it might not be consistent each time because some will be really milking the poetic side while others will be childish and full of emoticons and overall, too many feels. Regardless, my friends and family, I hope you enjoy my writing~



3 thoughts on “So there I was and here I am~”

  1. Good stuff Ash! GLAD you started. Be genuine when writing and show your your good and not so good side as well.

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