When you’re at Iowa…

As the summer moves along, while doing chores, Mom has already been relating everything to when I’ll be at Iowa.

“When you’re at Iowa, remember, organize your laundry by colour, and do the underwear separately.”

“I know you like choosing clothes and all that, but when you’re at Iowa, you won’t have enough space…”

“When you’re at Iowa, it’ll be harder to eat healthy, but just remember, eat fresher foods and stay away from junk food.”

It’s endearing, but at the same time, all these little hints are pointing to the reality that one day I will be gone, away from my family and living on my own. I have to, in a sense, become my own ‘mom’; doing my own laundry, doing groceries, managing my time…

But at the same time, being alone also means no one to give a free hug (just because) and no one to listen to my ramblings or rantings.

I suppose it is true that you never know what you have until it’s gone.



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