Rain, rain, come let’s play!

Right now it’s raining cats and dogs. And I mean the raindrops are slapping onto the bus windows, almost as if they’re doing bellyflops onto the glass.

And there went some thunder, WHOO!

Although the rain has thrown quite a wrench in my plans, I still enjoy it~ It’s still refreshing, even it it means wet clothes and shoes (why didn’t I wear those rain boots?). And if anything, rain brings people together. If you’re running to a bus shelter, no one will stop you: they’ll make space since they know exactly how crazy it is outside.

Maybe reality is like rain. I mean, only moments before I was safe inside the mall, blissfully oblivious to the beautiful chaos nature was stirring up outside. Maybe the soft warm inside is our ideal world and then we get out in the real world and it’s insane. You get drenched and you’re running to avoid puddles and stay dry.

Some people hate the rain; it dampens their mood and they grumble against it. Not me: I let it into my plans and enjoy it, I embrace it. I’m one of those oddballs who’d start skipping and singing in the rain, prancing around, relishing the coolness of the raindrops on my skin.

And what’s interesting about rain is that although it can upset the balance of a schedule, it leaves everything clean when it leaves. How ironic: something as brash and intrusive as a rainstorm leaving only the shine of a cleaner, fresher world.


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