A CRY FOR JUSTICE!…or a maybe a whimper?

For the first time in my life…maybe I want to become a lawyer. You know, defend the poor, the less fortunate, stand up for the people who don’t have a voice of their own! FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!

It’s actually a bit ridiculous how stirred up I can get about these things…I just finished watching the first episode of a Korean drama called I Hear Your Voice that started with cases where the scales were tipped unfairly and it was amazing how quickly my blood started to boil when I saw the clear bias to the cases. (blood boiling=slamming the table, yelling out in frustration, and in general confusing my family at why I’m acting this way)

Why is the world so unfair? (Opening a can of worms right here…)

Why must the rich be favoured? Why are we blinded by our personal opinion when the truth is clearly before us? Why can’t we accept the seemingly impossible? Why can’t we trust the testimony of a child, regardless their age? Why can’t we push past our preconceived notions to bluntly and honestly look for the answers?

I guess that in a way, it’s eye opening to see these situations, because although it’s in a drama and safe within the reach of the script writer’s pen, it also happens in real life. People are losing battles all because of their backgrounds. The guilty are slipping away free because of lies upon lies drilled into our heads. And the folk that should be winning cases are ending up worse than before.

But at the same time…if I was in that situation, would I have the guts to stand up for the truth? If my safety and the safety of everyone I knew was on the line if I confessed to be a witness, would I have the courage to follow the truth for the sake of saving one child?

I’d like to think that I would. Oh, how I would love to think that I would.

But honestly…I don’t know. Maybe I’m romanticizing myself too much, because as far as I know, I could have been the one to walk away, clutching onto my safety over the truth.


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