BEAST “No More” Reaction & Review


Let me say, before we begin, that I wasn’t really interested by BEAST (or Batoost as EYK Nasties may affectionately call them). I have one friend who absolutely adores them and I listened to some of their songs just to see why she was so hooked. But I wasn’t really blown away by them.

I actually started to be interested in them after watching the drama Monstar starring Junhyung. I was really impressed by his rapping, singing, and acting and decided to give BEAST a second try. I had to adjust a bit because I was used to power vocals like Daehyun whereas BEAST has smoother vocals, but the second time around I appreciated them more  (happy, Emily? :D).

So I’ve been waiting for this comeback, now that I know the members of Batoost a bit more. And to my surprise, today this music video was released starring Junhyung, the singer/actor that got me interested!

So, here is the MV~

REACTION (actually for the second time through…)

ahaha beastagram, that’s cute~

iphones more now?

nice voice doojoon (i think?)


typical big eyes shot

yoseob’s voice~


weird headband hyunseung

i wish i could understand this better…

why is it sad?-



the hand motions of every rapper -.-

gikwang has a nice voice

dried blue flowers?!

why are you given it back? WHAT

red flowers from the teaser?

are they not dating now?

same door?

oh is this a flashback maybe?


oh….so that’s for someone else….*awks

the dried blue flowers…symbolism…

oh that’s the new girl…

but he still likes her pictures….


Okay, so just to double check that I understood the gist of the story, I looked up the translation (which, hopefully, I won’t have to one day cause I’ll be fluent in Korean…but until that day…). And I was about right.

The storyline, in a really blunt way, is that Junhyung (blondie) and the girl used to date and now they’re apart. The blue flowers in the beginning of the MV were important, because they were alive while they were dating, and then later we saw them dried up in the girl’s instagram, I mean…”beastagram” photo.

I thought that it was really creative to use beastagram in the music video. It’s never been done before, and it’s something that I think a lot of the fans can relate to, liking people’s pictures and scrolling through someone’s profile to relive some memories. So kudos to the writers for that touch~

Now for the music part of it. The beginning rhythm was nice, sets a nice mood. And their vocals were perfectly suited to this song. I think that their vocals suit this style the best. I found that for songs like Shadow, their vocals worked, but I wanted more of a power vocal in the chorus. But here, in No More, their vocals melted perfectly into the song and really highlighted how velvety their voices are.

And Junhyung’s part worked REALLY (surprisingly) well. Sometimes I was bothered in the other songs because I felt that he tried to be too…uh…swaggy? But in this one, he was calmer and the timbre of his voice was perfect for it.

Usually, I don’t like ballad/soft songs, but this song was very well done and the vocals were so sweet that I’ll make an exception for this. Now, it’ll be interesting when Batoost releases their title track on June 16th…I wonder how that’ll be…



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