The Science of Corn

I thought I was done with school; after all, it was already the third week of summer and I was enjoying not having to study for any exams or panic about assignments.

And then my mom gave me corn on the cob for a snack.


As soon as I saw the different coloured kernels, I immediately thought “Wow, this is due to meiosis and random fertilization since each kernel is a different combination of egg and sperm and each one displays a different set of characteristics. Like, look! There’s one that’s yellow and wrinkled while the one next to it is cream coloured and smooth! The law of independent assortment, wasn’t it? And that huge Punnett square with the ratio 9:3:3:1?

And not even just the kernels, look at the colours! The way that we only see yellow when in reality, it’s actually all the colours absorbed except yellow! I wonder how you get cream then?- And oh my goodness, there’s even water and how it’s hydrogen bonds allow it to stick like that to my water bottle and also therefore allowing it to have incredible properties to ensure life on Earth!”

…and then I realized what I nerd I truly was.


2 thoughts on “The Science of Corn”

    1. It’s actually really fun, though don’t worry. And it is interesting! It’s just that, for me, when I study anything for long enough, it tends to seep into my everyday life, haha

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