Investing in Myself

It’s 10:30, I’m not tired, and I’ve already accomplished everything I wanted to. I’ve already done my share of scrolling through Facebook and Youtube, and now, I’ve reached the point when I want to create something of my own.

It’s kind of surprising even for me. When I hit this point, that means that I must have gotten bored of stuff for a while. I mean, I’ve pulled several hours on Youtube/Facebook mindlessly scrolling through, looking into other people’s lives. Maybe that’s what it is; surfing those websites is investing your time in other people’s lives, immersing yourself in them, forgetting your own.

So then, in that logic, perhaps now my life is becoming more fascinating than any celebrity or friends’. I’m waking up to realize that my own life has its merits and is worth investing in. I can create my own things, my own songs, my own writings. I don’t have to mooch off of anyone else’s life to entertain myself: I can also educate myself, improve myself, read a book, write a story…

It’s actually exciting.


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