“Language Barrier” Original Song


…okay, now that that’s off my chest, we can move on. I was debating on posting a video of a song I wrote. Why should I? What will it benefit? What is the purpose behind it? Do I want approval? Do I want to show off? Am I insecure deep down inside about what I can do? (See how that jumped to conclusions super fast? Welcome to my brain, ladies and gentlemen. When I said that this was my raw mind, I meant it!-)

So why did I eventually choose to post it? …um, I’m still not 100% sure, my gung-ho spontaneous side of me made the decision before my overanalyzing side had a chance to stop me. And here I am.

Also, it was really weird uploading the video to Youtube because I made that account only to make a playlist of songs, not to upload a video of me. And here goes my overanalyzing brain trying to see if I maybe subconsciously was planning to all along…

Okay, enough rambling, now to the song!

I was inspired by this here song below, 1-4-3 by Henry (the acoustic one because it’s waaay better). I was actually playing the song then I was like “Hey, maybe I can write a song about something like this too!” I didn’t think that it would work, because for a long time I crushed my own attempts to write a song because I felt that it had to be with fancy chords and go up and down the neck and all that jazz (like Eddy Kim’s song “The Manual”). But this time I told myself, “Okay, it won’t have cool chords but IT’LL BE IN THREE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES” so I let myself do it.

1-4-3 by Henry


너 사용법 (The Manual) by Eddy Kim


And now, here it is, my original song (that sounded super cheesy writing that…) “Language Barrier.” *WARNING: The video is almost 6 minutes long. I tend to ramble on the video just like how I rambled in the post…*


So yeah, that was my song~ I hope you enjoyed it or was at least amused by it!-


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