The Other Part of Me: Classical Music

I’ve never invited my friends to my concerts. My logic was that they wouldn’t like it because it was classical music and kids nowadays (AHAHA that sounded really weird…) don’t enjoy or appreciate that as much.

But now maybe it isn’t that. Because I still remember during some of my orchestra concerts how my friends’ friends came regardless, always the same people with flowers and huge smiles, being there for their friend no matter what music was being played.

And seeing that made me wish I had invited my friends. “Don’t, Ashley,” I would tell myself, “they wouldn’t have liked it anyway.”

But does it matter if they do or don’t?

Because as I stop to think about it, perhaps the reason why I didn’t invite friends to my concerts was because it was too personal for me. For me, playing the violin is almost like a second life, something different that not necessarily everyone knows that I do. Through orchestra and solo work, I get to enter a different world that only few understand. I get to experience a world that rips apart any barriers and brings people together in an almost magical way. It’s like a sort of refuge for me, a chance to excel and forget everything in the midst of notes and dynamics. And the thing is, when I play my music, it’s not like I can hide. If anything, playing the violin draws out a part of me that can’t be seen except when I play.

And by inviting people to see me play, I’m inviting them to see that part of my life. Do I want them to see it? It’s not like it’s something bad, just it’s close to me and I cherish it. If say someone made fun of the music, it would go a lot deeper than a regular taunt. So then, am I scared to get hurt?-

Well now, I have my last recital this Thursday and I invited some close friends. At the least, they should get the chance to see this part of my life before I leave for university…


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