f(x) “Red Light” Reaction and Review


Before we start this, let’s just take some time to talk about their teaser image. How cool is their half-makeup-thing? It’s original and conveys mixed emotions. It makes me feel intimidated by the heavy makeup side but then there’s the side that is raw, untouched and sharply contrasting. And the dark colour scheme also adds to the overall feel of the picture.

In other words, its edgy and unique, just like I expected from f(x).

I actually don’t know that many songs from f(x) except their main hits. But I do respect them because they’re one group that I know that I’ll be entertained by one way or another.

So, without further ado, here is their latest MV “Red Light”.

(ONE MORE NOTE: I wonder why it’s called “Red Light”? I immediately thought that it was with the red light district?…but the MV is rated safe for 12 year olds, so it’s probably more in reference to a red light when driving?-)



eerie phone call


creepy cat?

sick beat man


army boots

the mood they’re setting is?-

they kept up the makeup concept

amber rocking the red hair

change of tempo?



sounds like a constant alarm in the background

flower shattering?

running from what


oh amber hit those high notes?

the eye patch?

oh so you burn the book than close it

that was a cool way of writing fx with a gun…but I’m still lost


Okay, so on first instinct…what just happened? I don’t listen to that much of electronic sounding stuff so I was thrown off by all the electronic stuff happening in there. And the shift in the tempo and beat in the chorus also threw me off. It also kind of seemed like several songs sewn together, much like what SM did with Soshi’s “I Got a Boy” and Suju M’s “Swing”. But these segues don’t seem as smooth? But then again, I am famous for having strong first opinions then swallowing it soon after. In fact, I ended up loving IGAB so who knows what I’ll think of “Red Light”? So I’ll listen to it a bit more before saying anything for sure.

One thing I did like in “Red Light” was the harmonies in the chorus. It adds to the eeriness of the song. And it adds on layers, also mounting on to the climax of the notes. And there were certain parts of the song that sounded really nice individually and showcased the vocals really well, like the bridge. It was really expansive and the high notes were very well placed.

The music video was very artistic (is that the right way to say it)? I really liked that they stuck with the half-on makeup concept that they did in the teaser images. I don’t have much qualms about the MV (except that they burned the book D:). Overall, it was well done and had it’s own unique touch, much like f(x).

In conclusion? This is f(x); unique, not exactly what you expect, but still entertaining. I’m not 100% digging the song, but I appreciate it. And who knows, I’ll probably end up loving it like how I ended up loving f(x)’s other hits.


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