Health and Vacation, Enemies?

I was doing fine for about a month. I was doing the Insanity workout daily and following its strict diet. I lost about seven pounds and felt stronger and more energized throughout the day.

And then we left for Chicago, and all my hard work slowly went down the drain.

I thought that it would be as simple as just eating a smaller portion and choosing a healthier option (which I did when I could). But I forgot about going to friends’ or family’s houses for supper or when we went out to a restaurant that didn’t offer healthy options. And before I knew it, my body slowly transitioned back to where it was a month ago.

I’m not saying, “Oh, I’m fat” or anything like that, but my body does feel a bit more…gross. I wasn’t eating as rich food and now I’m dumping all this (delicious) food into my system and my body is flipping out. And I feel it, trust me.

But in the midst of my guilty feeling of overindulging my body, now I realize that I forgot about the other aspect of food that I overlooked while counting calories. Food is more than just sustenance: it has the ability to bring people together and carries with it memories and emotions. It plays a role in meeting with family and friends and in different countries, speaks volumes about its people and culture.

In other words…I can’t avoid food on this trip. Especially when we go to Korea, food will be a crucial part as we meet people and visit famous places. Although I can’t escape the luscious food, I can at least try to control myself. And I can exercise (which I hope to do more often) to try to balance out how much I take in.

It’s weird because for the first time I’m aware of what I’m taking in. I’ve traveled a lot but now I’m conscious of the nutrition of the food I eat and how it contributes (or doesn’t) to my body. It’s almost like the Insanity diet plan is haunting me, but I like it. It makes me stop and think before I mindlessly gorge on food and makes me listen to my body.

My minimum goal throughout this trip is to not explode my stomach, as in, not to feel like I’m going to burst . Because I feel like it’ll be a shame if all that I learned during Insanity was thrown away because of a sumptuous meal (or two…or three).

So are health and vacation enemies?- For me, it looked like they were, but actually, it’s all up to me. Food and vacation are threaded together; I can’t take one without the other. Therefore, it’s fully my responsibility to do what is necessary to reach my goals.


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