We’ve seen them on our computer screens, day or night, during school or at home.  We’ve watched the episodes, dawn or dusk. We have their songs.  And we have the feels (oh man those feels) whenever we fangirl about them to our friends.

So imagine my reaction as we headed to pick up our luggage when I saw this.


Being greeted to Korea by Kim Soo Hyun and Girls’ Generation? Okay, I can roll with this XD.

Seriously, though, it’s really weird to see the celebrities that I’ve seen only on a computer screen all of a sudden blown up and plastered everywhere. I’ve seen Suzy from Miss A for makeup, Kim Soo Hyun for almost everything, Henry for KFC, Yoona from SNSD for contacts, and of course, Orange Caramel for Baskin Robbins (A bing a bing!~).


Seeing all the Hallyu celebs everywhere makes me really wish that my friends were here. Oh, how we’d fangirl over every little thing and take pictures everything!- No one in my family really knows the Hallyu world as much as I do. In fact, Chris makes fun of me that I know so much ㅠㅠ.

But he did bring up a good point. He said that it was weird how I spent so much time in a culture far from where I live. It’s true; I don’t know any mainstream English music anymore. The possibility of me being able to recognize a song on the radio is minimal. But now in Korea, I can actually recognize songs or at least voices.

Maybe it’s because I resonate with Korean music more? I mean, instead of looking for new English bands or songs, I look for Korean music. The only difference is the language. Of course, yes Kpop has it’s distinct style, but nowadays I look for different genres of music…sung in Korean. I’m sure that there’s an equivalent of that Korean song in English, but I prefer it more in Korean nowadays, or rather, I look for it in Korean first.

It’s weird, isn’t it? I don’t even know the famous artists or songs from where I live XD.

To wrap up this kind of jumbled post, I just want to say: if you’re a Hallyu follower or a Kpop fan and you come to Korea…be prepared to fangirl a LOT :D.



  1. It’s so fun to see how far you went from liking some songs of BAP to exploring bunch of different song from kpop
    I mean you have surpassed me LOL

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