MORE Food & Korean History: Day 3 and 4

The original plan was to do a road trip all over Korea. We’d stop by famous landmarks and find the best restaurants and bond as we got lost along the way-errrr, I mean, swiftly drove from Point A to Point B.

Well, after thinking about it, Dad decided instead to sign us up for a Korea Bus tour. That way, we wouldn’t have to book any hotels or do any work; all we had to do was follow directions. Therefore, less stress for the parents and (hopefully) more fun for the rest of us.

So on July 11, my family started the Hana Korea tour and on the get go, they gave us free 떡 (rice cakes), so I was already impressed. It got better than the 떡, though, because each meal was special for the town/province we were in. For example, here’s some pictures of lunch;

IMG_5611 IMG_5612 IMG_5614

This restaurant had 마, which was a type of potato so it had different rice and other 마-based dishes. Also, it was interesting for us because the food was served differently than we were used to. The ‘appetizers’ were first, but they were more than just appetizers; they were several dishes and by the time they were finished you were decently full. But then there was the rice that came afterwards, usually with even more 반찬 (things like kimchi, 숙주 나물(bean sprouts), and other veggies) and a stew. And then of course, last but not least, came dessert, sometimes 식혜 (a sweet rice drink) or a specialty dessert.

After being thoroughly stuffed, we went to 전주 (Jeonju) in the province of 전라도 (Jeollado). More specifically, we went to a traditional Korean village. As we walked around, the tour guide told us stories about why the architecture was built certain ways. There were red pointy areas near the top of the buildings in order to keep away sprits and ghosts. The poles were circular and square not to be unique but because the builder made a mistake and tried to cover his tracks (the king ended up loving the pattern in the end and now it’s all over Korea). Here’s some pictures of the village;

IMG_5623 IMG_5625 IMG_5626 IMG_5627 IMG_5629

Then, MORE FOOD! For supper, we went to a restaurant that served 죽 (porridge) with clams. It’s actually a well known restaurant; several celebrities left a note, even Brad Pitt!-


Day 3 started out with some more amazing food (of course) :3. But seriously, I was surprised at what we had for breakfast. I was expecting a typical hotel breakfast, you know, the routine bread, cereal, eggs, fruit. Instead, there were rows of food ranging from kimchi to sausages and 만두 (dumplings) to omelettes.

IMG_3651 IMG_3649 IMG_3648 IMG_3647 IMG_3646 IMG_3645

SIDENOTE: Okay I just realized how bland my writing has gotten, sorry! > < I don’t want to just list what I did each day cause that’s boring, but that’s what’s happening. And FYI the next couple of days will pretty much be pictures of architecture and food. Not much writing on my part. Is this okay? For me, I’m a bit ehh about it, but I’ll keep on posting updates regardless how much writing goes in.

ERRRNERRR I just killed my thought process…sigh. Okay, I’ll post a couple more pictures then call it quits for this post.

First off, FOOD.

IMG_5686 IMG_5687

And then, landscapes~

First, a bamboo forest:

IMG_5693 IMG_5695 IMG_5697 IMG_5698

*quick note about the picture saying 1박2일: 1박2일 is a variety show where celebrities stay overnight somewhere and do some missions/activities. They stayed over at a cabin in this bamboo forest, therefore, the sign~*

And then, a view of  목포 (Mokpo). The statue is a statue of Lee SoonShin, the epic Korean general~

IMG_5702 IMG_5703 IMG_5704


And that’s enough for today. Sorry that the quality slowly drooped as the post continued -.-. I’ll try to write better and about other things besides the day’s itinerary tomorrow since we get to the hotel earlier. I have some ideas for a Musings post, so keep checking back! 🙂


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