A Different Perspective (Please)

It’s already been eight days since we’ve been in Korea. Over those eight days, we’ve seen a fair share of Buddhist temples and traditional villages. Our taste palates have also been through an adventure as we’ve tried specialty foods in each region.

But now, I want to stop being a tourist.

Don’t get me wrong; I have been enjoying this bus tour of Korea. I love being able to see the traditional Korean villages and learning about the three Korean countries. And the food has been great, served in several courses and always something new.

But at the same time, I want to get my own feet wet instead of having a set schedule before me. There’s so much more to Korea than just it’s past, after all. Korea’s modern time is also fascinating as well. The bright signs plastered everywhere, the music blaring from the stores, the cramped restaurants, and of course the people: foreigners, students laughing as they walk home, businessmen, couples wearing matching clothes, the 아주마and 아저씨 (older folk)…

I got a glimpse of the non-tourist point of view when we were at 해운대 beach. I walked around the beach at night with my mom and it was exhilarating to see the variety of people strolling around. There were buskers and magicians and neon lights from stores and thumping music and the atmosphere was completely different than what we’d seen during our tour. And I loved it.


We even walked down this little alley that was the 시장(market). Here’s a picture of how it looked like;


All of those lit-up circles are stores or restaurants!- It was SO CRAMPED but it was SO AWESOME. There was fresh fruits and seafood everywhere. There was 오댕(fish cake) being freshly served and kimbap and pajeon (vegetable pancake) being cooked on the spot.

This is what I wanted, the not as clean but more local scene of Korea. And, in a few days, I’ll be able to experience it myself! I’m going to get a chance to walk the streets of Seoul with some friends and feel the vibe of the city more like a local would.

But for now, to finish the tour. We’re actually going to see where the 2018 winter Olympics are going to be held, so that’ll be pretty exciting and potentially an inspiration for a blog post.

So until next time! Or, rather, until the next Wifi spot!-


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