Wandering Seoul~

As I said in a previous post, I was getting tired of viewing Korea from the tourist point of view, so on Thursday, July 17, I got my chance to wander the streets of Seoul with my Korean friend~

We started off by going to a 떡복기 restaurant. As soon as we stepped into the restaurant, I was pleased; it was exactly what I wanted, a tiny little restaurant with 임모s (waitresses) running from table to table with bubbling pots of 떡복기. (note: 떡복기 is soft rice cake chunks in chill sauce.)

Since it was a restaurant that specialized in 떡복기, there were no 반찬 (side dishes) . The order sheet asked what we wanted in our 떡복기. We chose to have seafood, cheese, ramyun, and another topping whose name I forget in our order. It looked like this when it came out:


(Gosh, just looking at it makes me hungry again…)

It was AMAZING. And it was a LOT too…I thought that the meal would end with the 떡복기 since it was so much, but then my friend asked for fried rice, which came with the meal. Which, also, was really yummy.

In other words, I ate a lot, but was very satisfied by the end of the meal :3

Then we wandered around the area. We walked through streets and passed by little boutiques and cafes and stopped for some papingsu, a Korean dessert:



After that treat, we went to Insadong, a huge tourist area with lots of Korean merchandise. They had lots of delicate Korean design bookmarks and fans and other items perfect to bring home for friends. And of course, they had a sticker photo booth with hanboks, the Korean traditional dress. Which, we obviously did.

As it started to get dark, we went to 청계천, a stream running through Seoul, to see a laser show. And along the way, there were some pretty amazing buskers too, so that was a major bonus~

Needless to say, my craving to see Korea from a new perspective was satisfied by the end of the day :).


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