Block B ‘Her’ Reaction and Review


Just by looking at the image, we know what to expect from Block B this time around; some crazy insane eccentricity. As per usual, of course~ The colours are kind of reminiscent of Bilasa (B1A4)’s MV for ‘What’s Going On’ so I’m expecting neon colours everywhere. And those faces though…XD.


That red hair



The bright colors!

Oh I like the feel


Feels a bit like b1a4

Excited much?


Diff feel?

Why an ostrich?

News cast?


Shoot her?

Her detergent?

That dance move tho XD

Looks like good luck lights


Talk segment?

Uh…what happened to the mv?

Ahaha their style tho is hilarious

Ahahaha that high piched voice

Back to mv?-

Wait they’re on stage and in a band?

That faking tho XD

Rapppppp nice zico

Why you talking to an ostrich

That derp face tho

The random screens tho


Guitar riffffff~


Attention everyone: Block B’s  MV for ‘Her’ has taken the spot for ‘Most Colorful MV’. For a while, B1A4 held this notable position with “What’s Going On”, but let’s be real, this MV kind of blew it out of the water. (just look at that neon red hair though!)


The music suited the quirky nature of the MV really well. The only part that was a bit clunky was when Zico’s rap part came up, but they pulled it off. It seems like lots of Kpop songs are using the mashup collage idea nowadays…And the vocals came out really well. (Sorry, I don’t know any names except Zico so I can’t name names right now :$). I liked how the guy with the red hair’s voice was deep and scraggly, it contrasted well with the clearer voices in the verses.

And the a cappella beginning is genius. I don’t think any other Kpop song has done that before?- The only thing that I have against it is that they say Jesus in the chorus…I’m Christian and it bothers me that they’re using that name so flippantly…


I liked the music video more than the song. I feel like it was the most crazy insane music video I’ve seen. I mean, bubbles coming out when they speak, random screens of bright colours and funny faces, a random ostrich, and all of those neon colours everywhere…

This was definitely entertaining! I don’t know what else to say…I mean, the music video has so much randomness in it so XD


It’s Block B, therefore, it’s crazy!- It’s interesting though, because they weren’t always like this. They changed companies and I think along with the change they were given more freedom to write the music they wanted, which was apparently on the crazy side. But that’s cool, now we all associate them with that style. So in general, thumbs up Block B for another highly entertaining MV!


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