One of the things I absolutely HAD to do when I came to Korea was see the Eatyourkimchi (EYK) studio. Eatyourkimchi is compromised of two awesomely awesomesauce people, Simon and Martina, and they make videos about all things Korean from the music to weird things they find to food to random facts. I love their videos because they’re quirky and entertaining and they discuss things about Korea in an honest way, without trying to sugarcoat anything.

Check out their Youtube channel if you want to learn something about the local Korea or just want a good laugh:

Now, I rarely follow famous people (if you want to call Simon and Martina an Internet famous type of sorts) so this was kind of weird that I wanted to see their studio. Even if I didn’t get to see them, I just wanted to see where all their videos were made. And also, I wanted to give them something, so I had some Tim Hortons coffee for them too~ (note: Tim Hortons is a Canadian brand and they’re Canadian so…yeah :D)

So, I found out the gist of where the studio was and one day went out with my friend to find it. I mean, it should be easy enough, right?

WRONG. BECAUSE HONGDAE (where the studio is) IS FREAKING BIG. (which, everyone knew except for me, the overly excited girl who planned it all ㅠㅠ)

But, that’s okay because we still found it, thanks to the help of the tourist booth! I was surprised that they knew where it was but as soon as I told them, they were like “Ahhhh, that place?” A lot of Nasties must have went there too~ (Nasties are what EYK calls their fans)

First off, the directions that I found on Google were wrong. So if you see some page saying that you have to go to the intersection between Wausan and Hongik IT’S WRONG! ALL YOU’LL BE GETTING IS WEIRD LOOKS FROM EVERYONE YOU ASK! It’s actually the intersection of Wausan and Hongshik that you need to look for. And for reference, Wausan is 와우산 in Hangul and Hongshik is 홍식.

Here’s a lovely map the tourist booth gave us. My suggestion is find the tourist booth first because then it’s easier to orient yourself~ The star is the tourist booth and the green circle is the EYK studio!-

Photo on 2014-07-23 at 7.45 PM

The studio is across the nb2 nightclub and on top of a Coffine Gurunaru and Monster Pizza. But one important note: you can’t just waltz into the studio. Someone from the inside has to open it for you.

So, okay, I thought, I’ll just leave the coffee in the mail box that’s by the staircase with a little note. So I slipped in the Tim Hortons coffee into the mail thingamajig for the third floor and left, pleased.


*Simon and Martina, if by any amazing chance you’re reading this, please GO SEE IF IT’S STILL THERE!-*

So, my gift failed -.-. But, I still got to see the studio! And it’s not like I’m not going to go back either. I want to study in Korea while in university so when I do, I’m gonna deliver it properly to them and visit their coffee shop (which’ll be open by then) while I’m at it.

And that’s it! Those are the directions to the EYK studio! (along with my side story of my sad Tim Hortons fail…*sobs*) Hope that helps all you Nasties out there! 🙂



  1. OMG, you are such a schumuck! Brought the coffee all the way from Canada to leave it on the wrong floor, …

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