My Discovery of Garageband!

When I visited my friend Emily, she told me about her new hobby: mixing tracks on Garageband (did I use the correct terminology there?-). I was kind of mind blown because I didn’t know that you could do that with Garageband…last I used the app, my other friend and I were using the premade tracks to make silly songs…uh, I mean, WHO SAID THAT?

She showed me that she could harmonize on top of her own voice and record the parts differently so that she could focus either on playing guitar or singing. Then she showed me a song she put together and as I listened to two Emilys harmonizing I thought “Why not two Ashleys harmonizing?” And then I decided that Garageband would be my new assignment.

…well, actually, that was a month ago and only today I decided once and for all to get my feet wet and just DO IT. And so, today, I did it.

A while ago, I realized that Jason Mraz’s song “I’m Yours” and Juniel’s song “바보” had the same chords and the same feel. Then I got excited and had an arrangement perfect for a duet…if only someone would sing it with me…

And now, with Garageband, I CAN DO A DUET BY MYSELF. 😀

So, yeah. Emily, you’ve gotten me hooked. And readers, look forward to some more mashups or songs coming soon!

Here’s the link to hear my mashup. And this was the first time I played on Garageband so I apologize for the blips and sometimes awkward transitions between tracks…


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