As Moving Day Approaches…

I finally finished my shopping list for university. As I was making lists for different aspects of dorm life, it hit me that this wasn’t going to be like going away to a camp. I was packing to survive, uh, I mean live there for a YEAR.

And it wouldn’t be like living at home. When I’m home and I need something, I can usually find it floating around somewhere in some drawer. But in the dorm, there won’t be pleasant surprises lurking in drawers. I’ll know everything that’s in the room (well, except my roommate’s) and have to be responsible for all of it.

It’s really happening isn’t it? I mean, geez, I already had a dream about Iowa which consisted of getting lost on the way to class, transporting a huge glass cabinet (for some unknown reason) with my family across farmland, and a philosophy professor telling me to crawl through a small opening with a big pillow. (I have weird dreams, I know…)

Although I thought that I haven’t been thinking about Iowa much, starting to have dreams about it means that some secret part of me has started to panic/think about it…


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