Freshman Fifteen…DUN DUN DUNNNNN!

It haunts every incoming college freshman. The number of victims it’s taken is formidable and it prowls on the horizon, waiting to drag more to its dark abyss.

Introducing the Freshman Fifteen (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!) The freshman fifteen is the myth that freshmen gain fifteen pounds in their first year. It also goes by the name First Year Fatties or Fresher Five (…kilos) in Australia and New Zealand.

My mom’s already freaking out about it. Already Koreans are really serious about staying healthy and losing weight, so take that already extreme amount of stress to stay fit and multiply that by three and you get how worried my mom is about the freshman fifteen. “You better still be recognizable when you come back from Iowa!” she’d say. Gee, thanks. So her logic is to lose weight before college starts so that it’ll all balance out.

Before I continue, let me just add that Ohio University did research about the horrific myth and discovered that students gain on average a fifth of what the myth says. So don’t worry, I’ll still be recognizable~

But I understand why there’d be weight loss in the first year. It’s the first year alone with no parents telling what to eat or not to eat and of course there’s also that amazing meal plan that lets you eat as much as you want when you want.

But at the same time, it’s not like it’s unavoidable. For me, I actually want to turn the freshman fifteen myth on its head and lose weight during my first year instead of gaining it. How hard can it be? (…) Granted, okay, I’ll have to exercise more and be stricter with what I eat but I actually think that it’ll be easier to do at university since, well, I’ll have to walk to a cafeteria to grab a quick snack while I’m studying.

Then again, it’s all much easier to talk about it before I’m at college, isn’t it?-


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