SPICA’s “I Did It” MV Reaction & Review


IT’S SPICAAAAAA!!!! *starts cheering*

Spica is the only girl group that I really like. Their vocals are absolutely amazing and they have an honest way of approaching their music. I don’t know exactly how to say it, but it seems more…raw? Not saying that they sing songs about society and whatnot, but they seem a bit more honest with their music. Gah, that didn’t make any sense, sorry…

Anyhow. When I first found out about their comeback, I was a bit hesitant. A song called ‘I did it’? That could potentially go in weird directions and if it did I would have been disappointed by the girls…And also, I thought that the song was going to be in Korean but then on the Youtube page I saw that it said their official US debut?!?! Whoa, what?-

That was a complete shock. In the past, Kpop artists tried to break into the American field with English versions of their Korean hits, like what the Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation did. And um…it didn’t really work…

But I have faith in Spica. Boa’s voice is really Western, in a way, and these girls have a lot of past experience. The only issue would be overcoming the engrish accents…

Let’s see how the girls did, then~



Those heels tho…

Jazzy ish feel? Brasssss~~~



All in english?

Their English is great!

Retro TV

Um those lyrics tho?

Ok so I did it is like I set myself free?



Why hasn’t ‘there been more Bohyung?

Lots of Jiwon tho?-

Those shades are weird tho


Random flips

Who is that anyway??


Sorry the reaction was a bit shorter than usual…it’s because I was stunned by their English. Like seriously. That was flawless English. If I heard the song without knowing anything, I would have thought that they were American artists, not Korean. So good job with your English girls! 🙂

And THANK GOODNESS the phrase ‘I did it’ was for a good intention. It was like ‘I did it, I set myself free’. Thank you Spica for not choosing the expected and typical route (phew).

I’m curious, though, the outfits were a bit more risqué than usual…was it because they’re trying to get into the American market? There was a lot more skin than usual…And in fact, their outfits didn’t seem ‘Korean’. I guess they did lots of research to make the debut as seamless as possible…

On that note, I wonder if they’ll be performing the song on the Korean music shows, since this is their American debut song. Do they ever do all English songs in Korea?- Hm…

As for the song, I loved the brass line. The feel was reminiscent of their song “You Don’t Love Me” which was nice. But at the same time, I feel like the song didn’t let the girls fully showcase their vocal abilities. I wanted more of the oomph of their vocal power, but oh well. The song’s still pretty catchy, regardless.

One note though: was it just me, or were the closeups mostly of Jiwon and Boa?- What about the three other girls? And why did Juhyun wear shades the whole time? (except for at her rap). And it seemed like Bohyung didn’t get many lines, which is bizarre. She has an amazing powerhouse voice, but they highlighted Boa’s voice (which I’m not complaining about) but usually their songs brought up both of their voices since their powerful in their unique ways.


As I’m writing this, I think that it’s the sixth or seventh time that I’ve listened to the song on repeat. I’m extremely proud of the girls. Trying to get into the American market as a Korean group is really gutsy. But if anyone could, it’d be Spica. I always thought that their voices were more Western rather than Korean style (as in a bit sweeter and softer) so it fits perfectly!

Although the song doesn’t show the girls’ voices as well, it still gives Americans a good taste of them. My only concern is that they’ll try too hard to be ‘Western’ and start writing songs that, put lightly, would be strongly frowned upon in Korea. It’d be awesome if they could continue to write songs about self empowerment and confidence. We need more of that nowadays…

So, overall, good job Spica! I wish them the best with their activities and hopefully one day I’ll be able to hear their songs on the American radio. They deserve it~~ 🙂


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