To Iowa

Today I take one step closer to Iowa, one step farther from Montreal. *so dramatic*

But actually, I’m not feeling the way that I think I should feel? I don’t really get it; when I watched Toy Story 3 and Andy was giving his toys away since he was going to college and when I watched the drama Reply 1997 and Eunji’s character was driving to university, I was a wreck.

Yet here I am, about to experience that myself and I feel neutral about it. Because, although it’s sad that I can’t see my family and friends more often, it’s not like THIS IS THE LAST TIME EVER, you know? Being 16 hours away won’t change the fact that we’re family. And, there’s always instant messaging, texting, and Skype. And, I’ll see everyone again in November.

So perhaps this mindset is what’s cushioning moving to university. Then again, who knows, I might break down on Sunday when my family actually leaves…


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