I used to check allkpop and my Youtube channels regularly to stay in the loop about what MVs were going to released and where Hallyu celebs were up to. But now it’s been about a week since I haven’t done that and it’s fine. Life moves on. I let go of it as quickly as I randomly picked it up.

And the more that I think of it, I think that it’s because my life has gotten easier. By becoming busier, I had less time and I started to invest more in my own life. And maybe that’s why people invest in knowing about celebrities’ lives because they seem more interesting than their own. It’s like an escape for us, isn’t it? If life seems boring for us, we can look up what our favourite singers or actors are doing and get whisked away in someone else’s world.

But then the danger of that is that our own life is shoved aside and becomes boring, when in reality, it’s not. There’s so many beautiful things in an ordinary life, like just walking outside or reading a book or having a good conversation with a friend. But we take it all for granted and forget the potential our lives have for being interesting, just as much as the stars’ lives.

I’m now at a stage in my life where I’m learning many new things and meeting new people. And in a way, being in a new environment is making me unplug and invest in myself. It’s relieving to know that my own life is interesting too and has so much potential as I enter college.

All this to say, I’m not going to be posting as much about Hallyu things. The next one that I’m aware of is the BTS comeback on the 20th, but after that I won’t be in the loop as much (well, unless my friends in Montreal tell me about it). I’m sure this is a big relief for my parents aha~ But it’s also good for me, because now I can focus on my own life rather than someone else’s.


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