WINNER’s Debut Songs Reaction&Review


It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? And a lot has happened both in the Hallyu world and my personal life. I’ve officially moved in to Iowa and also YG’s long awaited boy group WINNER debuted (…actually, it’s been a week maybe since that?). Although this is a late post about them, I think it’s one worth doing since well, this group has been anticipated a lot.

Preface before we begin:

WINNER was part of the reality show WIN (Who Is Next) which showed two groups of YG’s trainees battling. Whoever won debuted first, which angered many fans. I didn’t follow the show, but I listened to their spins on a song ‘Just Another Boy’. Their mission was to take an incomplete song and finish it with new lyrics. I actually preferred Team B’s version of ‘Just Another Boy’ over WINNER’s, but let’s see if their debut songs will impress me.

So, this will be a bit on the shorter side, but here we go!~ Also, note that they released two MVs rather than one…interesting, YG…

Color Ring MV: WINNER – 컬러링(COLOR RING) M/V

Empty MV: WINNER – 공허해(EMPTY) M/V



Piano start

Water rain?-

Let her go~


What building is he in


Oh I like this voice

Nice guitar vibe

Two octaves, nice complimenting

Oh smooth voice

Nice ahhhs in the back

I thought that’d have a bigger lead

Oh the typical car shot

He has a nice voice but weird hair

Diamond color ring?

Rap…reminiscent of GD

Nice enunciation

Two rappers?

Oh the addition of the drums

Whoa the coach turned into a pool?


*how’d they shoot this tho

why you in a bath with clothes on

typical clench your hair lol

please say goodbye?- so you want her to leave?-

ah the nice sound of rains




Leaving a message?

Oh I like the feel

The weird voice in the background?

Wait it’s the chorus already?

That falsetto

The rap sounds appropriate with it, good job

(I wonder if they wrote the rap?)

by washers? XD

by a surfboard?

In a movie theatre alone…wearing a coat. Cause you know why not

Wasn’t he in dream high 2?-

What is he wearing

Whoa high notes much?

(wait who’s the leader?-)

lol must have been awks filimg XD


I did not expect them to take this route. I was expecting something more in your face like Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” but this was nice. I think the best way to describe it is that it’s refreshing. It was nice to be able to truly hear the voices without the craziness of some electronic instruments in the background. And the guitar and drum beat was pleasant too.

But it didn’t really stand out. The songs are something that I can listen to in the background and still enjoy, but they don’t really grab my attention. I think they did an excellent job of showcasing the talent they have but they didn’t stand out. Well, okay, maybe they stand out because they’re a bit more toned down.

I’m curious to see what YG will do with them with their next batch of songs. It’ll be interesting if they continue on this route, but I highly doubt it.


Impressed, but not captivated. I know now that they all have great voices but I’m not completely won over yet. But hey, they won an intense competition and they have YG as their source for songs, so I’m definitely going to keep an eye on these guys~


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