On the Other Side

For the past several years, it was always my dad who was on the other side of the screen while we Skyped or Facetimed. The three of us, my mom, Chris, and I, would all squeeze in to see Appa while he was on a business trip. We’d see his familiar face and I’d always note the minute details showing that he was clearly away from home: the unfamiliar surroundings, which he’d commonly show us, the tired look in his eyes, the time difference.

But today, I was on the other side of the screen. And instead of seeing an unfamiliar surrounding, I knew exactly where my family was sitting when we Facetimed. I knew that it was by the computer next to the pool where I’d often download music and where Chris often sat looking up EPSN news and sports stats. To the left was the pool and to the right was the living room. And behind, I could even see the lights on in the kitchen.

At first, I was like, well duh they’re at home. But then as our conversation continued, it hit me that they’re home…and I’m not. (oh geez, as I’m writing this I’m getting some intense feels…) For the first time, I was the one showing them where I was, letting them see my bed, the sink, my hall. And I was the only one on the screen.

So this is what the phenomenon ‘being homesick’ is…


1 thought on “On the Other Side”

  1. Just read this for the first time. Nice, so you kind of know what it feels like when I travel and FaceTime you guys. Go Ash Go, ..you are doing awesome, I can see you growing and maturing! But I do miss you a lot.

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