Week 1 in Iowa


It seems surreal to even say that it was already a week that I’ve been in Iowa. I mean, geez, classes start TOMORROW (!).

So how exactly is it going for me? I’ve adjusted pretty well to the new environment, but I still do want some 된장찌개 (Korean soy paste soup) and traditional Asian-style sticky rice from time to time. I know almost everyone on my floor. And I now know the difference between the ped (pedestrian) mall and the Old Capitol Mall (hint: they’re not the same place…*awks*).

But this past week has felt more like a summer camp. I’ve met tons of new people and introduced myself to people that I honestly might not see again. And it’s all been ‘play’ in a sense: so far, the only ‘work’ that I’ve had to do is choir singing, which is nothing compared to say studying for a calculus exam.

So tomorrow all the craziness is going to begin. To be honest, I’ve almost forgotten that I’m in Iowa for education purposes since the past week has been mostly fluffy things like getting to know the campus. Tomorrow the buildings won’t become tourist destinations, but rather classrooms. And I won’t be able to meet up with the friends I’ve made as often since we all have different schedules. And it’s not like in Arts and Sciences where I move to classes with a group of people. I highly even doubt if I’ll have more than one class with someone…

In other words, although getting here and adjusting was an adventure in itself, tomorrow will be a whole other experience. I wonder what I’ll be saying this time tomorrow about the day’s events…


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