Ten Observations of Iowa Halfway through the First Week


It’s the end of my third day at Iowa and I’m proud to announce that I have learned from my mistakes from day one. In fact, I made a list of random observations through the past couple of days:

1. Breakfast at 8:00 is a HORRIBLE idea. The line is long and especially since I have class at 8:30, ain’t nobody got time to wait in line for scrambled eggs or bacon. So on Day 1, I just had yogurt…But today, I had breakfast at 7:50 and already the line was shorter so YAY I LEARNED!

2. When it says 40% chance of rain in Iowa, it means more like 80% chance of rain. But it won’t even be at consistent times: it’ll be insane in the morning then be calm for the rest of the day. Moral of the story: be prepared ALWAYS and rethink of wearing the shoes that aren’t supposed to get wet…

3. Make a friend by sharing an umbrella! 😀 On Day 1, it started pouring as I was walking to my Chem lecture (well, of course it had to, right?). And on my way there, this tall Chinese guy asked to share my umbrella since he was heading in the same direction. And so I did, and made a friend~ It’s always good to be nice to strangers, eh?

4. Laptops. LAPTOPS EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I walked into my chem lecture and almost everyone had them out. But then, I noticed today that there were less laptops…hm…


5. Lecture halls are seriously lecture HALLS. They’re huge and it’s kind of a weird experience because the teacher teaches as if they were in a small class, but instead they’re teaching to 288 students instead of 30.

6. Fun chemistry teachers DO EXIST. This is kind of an epiphany to me because well, my other chemistry teachers were not the most inspiring, but my professor is really excited about his topic and energetic in general.

7. It’s impossible to know what year students are in. Seriously, nowadays someone who looks as young as a freshman might be a senior…

8. People are really understanding if you’re lost (which I was very often). I had to ask several people every day so far to find a building, but they’re all kind and really helpful.

9. There are countless ‘suburbs of Chicago.’ When people say where they’re from, in a room of 30, maybe 20ish will say they’re from a ‘suburb of Chicago.’ But then some of the suburbs are an hour away while others are only thirty minutes away?-

10. Free food=best way to make friends. For example, yesterday our RA (resident’s assistant) had boxes of cupcakes and that got EVERYONE out of their rooms to eat and chat.


So yup, this is what I’ve learned so far~


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