GO HAWKS! The First Football Game


Yesterday I attended my first ever football game. And wow, that was an experience, let me tell ya!-

First off, NO ONE TOLD ME THE GAME WAS GOING TO BE THREE HOURS LONG. Erin (my roommate) and I were thinking that it’d be max two hours. But no.

At least it wasn’t a boring three hours. Now I understand what people meant about the vibe of a football game. Being part of such an energetic crowd is truly an experience. Everyone cheering for the team, following traditions like singing the Fight song and doing the gator motion in the fourth down, and taking off a shoe or clanging their keys before every punt (…still don’t get why they do that. I was so confused).

Now, I have watched games before with very avid sports fans (namely my brother and my dad). And yes, they do scream at the screen and run around for points scored. But it’s different than when you’re surrounded by strangers who turn around and high five you for touchdowns.

Also, the marching band. Wow. To all my friends who did marching band, I have a much higher level of respect for you guise. Because that uniform did NOT look comfortable in the heat. And yet they played on, never missing a beat. And their halftime show, wow. That’s what you call some well rehearsed coordination.

One downside of football games: you’re completely exhausted by the time it’s done, although all you did was stand up and sit down for three hours. I seriously came back to my dorm and took an hour and half nap.


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