Super Junior’s “MAMACITA” MV Reaction & Review


Wait, ‘MAMACITA?’ …what time of a name is that? And SM let them use it? XD At first I was a bit worried that this would lead to some smoky music video with salsa dancers and all that spicy jazz. But as the teasers came out, it turned out that the boys (err, men? Since they are older now…), I was really excited to see that they were going to take the concept in the best possible way possible: through comedy.

Finally, Suju (Super Junior) would get a chance to show off their dorkiness rather than trying to be all chic like other groups were! Their teaser showed them being different characters in a typical Old West storyline. Now, I don’t know Suju that well but it was refreshing to see that they were going to do funny/dorky for the concept instead of overly cute or forced manly/sexy.

And also, it’s SUPER JUNIOR. The legendary boy group from SM! They didn’t have a comeback for two years since their leader Leeteuk was in the army. And also, they’re a pretty big group full of talented singers. I’m anticipating a solid chorus with everyone singing, just like what Soshi (Girl’s Generation) did for Mr. Mr.

So, without further ado, here is Super Junior’s “MAMACITA”.


Lol I feel like they’re letting out their inner trolls/dorks

The sound effectsXD

Oh brass?

Snazzy red suirts

Oh back to electronic sounds but still got the feeling

Just another day~

I like the feel of the song

Overexaggerated faces



Doing the splits?

Lol the crown

Can’t see his eyes


Wait so is the sheriff the bad guy?

Nice rap!

That was fast!

Shut your tongue?-

Khyuhun sing it out bud

I need youuuuuuuuuuuu

Big eyes

He’s dead XD




Awhyeahhhhh suju is back in da houseee! 😀


Music Video

The plot.

I mean, let me clarify: there WAS  a plot! That’s a big improvement! And bonus, it’s not a typical plot involving all the members chasing after one girl. The plot is actually about a robbery. And it was cool to see the members each have their roles. I love that they got a plot and characters because it let them be little dorks by overexaggerating and having fun in the music video.

I was actually a bit confused by the plot, though. So who exactly stole the crown? Was it Kyuhyun or was he just assisting? And was Heechul the one who was behind it all when he paid Leeteuk for bringing the crown?-

Regardless, it was very entertaining and refreshing to see a plot where the members were having fun :).


Interesting concept. I love how it started with the brassy vibe then transitioned into the beat of the song. In general the song has kind of a latino feel but more like old fashioned feel? Maybe it’s because of the piano? But very unique, so good job SM~

The chorus. THE CHORUS! Ah I love when it’s a solid chorus and everyone (or at least more than one person) sings. It feels more weighty and substantial that way.

And the voices. I love it. Once again a reminder of the great voices Suju has. Especially with ten (if I counted correctly) members, it’s nice that each member has a unique voice.

ONE PROBLEM I HAVE THOUGH: Shut your tongue?…Uh, they might want to review their English idioms… Besides that, though, the lyrics are actually interesting. It doesn’t have anything to do with chasing a girl, it’s kind of more like an encouraging song?- It’s not typical at the least, which is a nice touch.


Super Junior is back. :’) Jeepers, I’m not even an ELF (their fandom) but I feel proud of them. After two years of absence they were able to come back on a solid song and while having fun. This is Kpop! Random funniness and good music! Thank you, Super Junior for Mamacita~


2 thoughts on “Super Junior’s “MAMACITA” MV Reaction & Review”

  1. If you’re confused about the plot, you can go ahead and check out the drama version of it. Here’s the link:
    It’s much clearer there and WAAAAYYY funnier. XD I cracked up on them when I first watched it. My mom looked at me funny, saying, “What are you watching, kid?” She said this because it was weird watching me literally roll around on the floor, laughing, while trying to hold my stomach and Stop. Laughing.
    Anyway, Even though I like Mamacita, enough to include it in my favorites, I love Evanesce better. It’s just…sad. I have a thing for sad so yeah. Plus, Eunhyuk’s dance with the female dancer was just elegant. It made me want to try it but unfortunately, I’m not a good dancer. XD

    1. Ah yes I saw the drama version, much more cohesive in the story~ And yes Eunhyuk’s duet dance! And I especially loved how they used the same set for ‘This is Love’ in an almost nostalgic fashion. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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