I’m sorry that I used a hashtag in my title, but seriously. Hashtags are used in pictures and notes, no? In that case, that’s how I’m using #blessed because I feel like in everything that’s happened so far with the people I’ve met at Iowa and just, well, Iowa in general, I feel like I need to use a hashtag.

Let me be bluntly honest here: I didn’t have high expectations for Iowa. I was expecting tiny dorm rooms, awful cafeteria food, really typical Americans (which, okay, there are some people like that), and just something like going through the motions.

Instead, I’ve found the rooms to be bigger than expected, pretty good caf food (they even had Thai food last night!-), a lovely mix of international people and Americans with unique backgrounds, and something that I’ve enjoyed every single day.

Especially my church group.

The main reason why I wanted to attend a Korean church was for a source for Korean food, because if I didn’t attend a Korean church, no kimchi and no rice until holidays. Of course, there was also that I wanted a Korean community as well, but I wasn’t expecting it. I never met a community that was both Korean and American/Western that was welcoming, so I didn’t expect anything better from All Nations (the church I’m attending now).

But wow, let me just say, as I think more about it, I think that maybe All Nations is why God lead me to choose to attend Iowa. Because Wallbreakers (its college ministry) is pretty much everything that I ever looked for in a church group.

They’re Koreans raised in America. They have both perspectives and therefore, I can relate with them more than I can relate with Korean Koreans and straight up Americans. And their enthusiasm and hospitality is absolutely amazing.

They welcomed me so quickly and even celebrated my birthday after knowing me for only two weeks. I was so shocked to see that everyone signed my birthday card and felt really touched that these people cared.

It’s a different environment being in a college ministry because we all came from different places. In youth group, people know each other from high school, but in Wallbreakers, we come from different states and countries. And sure, we do all attend the University of Iowa, but college is a loooooot bigger than high school is :P.

But wow, I just can’t get over how perfect it seems to be. (not to be cliché). I mean, last night, we even had a jam session! There were some high schoolers and my two freshmen friends and we had two guitars, a piano, a bass guitar, an electric guitar, and drums and we just sang and played all the worship songs we could think of. The synergy was amazing and it felt so good just to be back in an environment like that, among talented musicians.

(Sorry, my brain is getting a bit tired. I apologize if my writing is deteriorating as I go along…)

My point in saying all of this is that I feel really richly blessed. If anything, I feel like All Nations is a confirmation of why I’m here at Iowa. My dad always told me that he had the most spiritual growth while in university, and now I can see why. It’s different here, and I really look forward to what I’ll learn the next four years~


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