The Frailty of Life…

The stars shine so bright

that too many times we forget

that they are of flesh, bone, and feelings

and that like us

their life can be destroyed

like a fallen porcelain vase

beautiful broken pieces,

a whisper of what used to be

piercing emptiness,

screaming silence,

silence where there once was music.

Death where there once was a brilliant, thriving life

with no intention

of ending



Ladies’ Code, a five-piece Korean singing group, was in a horrible car crash that left three members in critical conditions and two members dead.


Above is EunB who was declared dead almost immediately after the crash. She looks so happy…


And this is RiSe who was declared just today to be dead…

…just writing that seems unreal. How can people who shine so brightly on stage have their lives so viciously ripped away? Even reading articles about RiSe and EunB’s death doesn’t make it seem real. Wasn’t it only a while ago that they were promoting their songs? Weren’t they just in their bright costumes, living their dreams and being televised?

And yet now…they’re gone. They’re GONE. We can never get them back.

Situations like this make me stop and think. Death has a special way of reducing even the most famous people to the same level as the rest of us. I mean, we’re all going to die. But it’s even more shocking to see people like the members of Ladies’ Code or Robbin Williams passing away so suddenly, without warning.

But what many netizens are wondering about now is if the fatal accident could have been prevented. AllKpop, a Hallyu website, posted an interesting article about the sad frequency of car accidents in the Korean entertainment industry:

If this is so, please, the head honchos need to wake up and stop placing their actors and singers in jeopardy. RiSe and EunB could maybe be with us if more preventions were taken. Stop worrying about making money and whatnot, companies, focus please please PLEASE on caring for your singers. They’re human: they need their basic needs to be fulfilled. They need to rest. They need support and friends.

And because they are human, they can die. Please, entertainment companies, take care of our stars…


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