Big Bold Posters…for Christ?

As I was walking to the Old Capitol Mall for my chamber music coaching, I stopped to marvel at a huge neon poster that said that said “LIFE WILL CRUSH YOU. THESE ‘CHURCHES’ ARE A SHAM. GET ALONE TALK TO JESUS HE REALLY CARES.”


Okay. Whoa. Hello, there…

I agree, life does tend to crush us but not all churches are a scam. And yes, everyone should definitely talk directly to Jesus but overall this poster came off as way too strong/harsh for me.

Along with the poster there was a woman shoving flyers into everyone’s hands. The flyers were well done, though. The only thing I don’t get about it is the weird picture/collage of stuff they used on the front…Is is supposed to be abstract or something? Cause when I first saw it, the red patterned part reminded me of Spiderman, which I don’t know, maybe indirect messages that Jesus is your superhero? (*cue Hillsong Kids song*)


Just like every other evangelism tract, there was the expected call to investigate into Christ and reading the Bible. But I still, even though I’m a Christian, felt a bit turned off.

I personally don’t really like strong evangelism calls. I get it, it works for other people but it majorly turns me off. But because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or anything but I always get a feeling of almost shame at how shameless people are? Like oh gosh there they’re going again pushing Christianity into people’s faces.

I understand the importance of evangelism because the Gospel is something that needs to be shared. But for example, I know someone who is majorly turned off because of too much street evangelism.

Then again, it’s not really my concern to worry about the evangelism of the whole world. But at the same time, I’m pretty sure I’d hesitate if someone asked me to pass out flyers to strangers on the street. I’d rather talk to someone one on one and share my beliefs within the realm of friendship instead of going to approach someone with the sole purpose of getting them to convert.


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