And no, I’m not being sarcastic with the title, either.


I mean, look at all the textbooks here! TEXTBOOKS GALORE! (and that’s only one shelf…)

I’m not a math fanatic or anything, but I think that’s it’s awesome that in university (and CEGEP) too, we literally have all the resources we need to excel in class. I mean, just being in such a math-saturated environment makes me want to do math and do it well. And there’s always people waiting to help with homework or to explain a hard concept. It’s a really encouraging environment.

It reminded me a bit of the Math Lab at Abbott where the entire Arts and Sciences program would take over a table to study for an exam/solve Webworks together/freak out over calculus in general.

So yeah~ Sorry, this was a random post but I felt a need to write something, anything about how awesome this place is :).

I’m going to post something about how the past month has been because HOLY COW ITS ALREADY BEEN A MONTH THAT I’VE BEEN IN COLLEGE. Please anticipate that~ Until next time, dear readers!



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