And So, One Month Later…

It’s already been a month?! Apparently so, as our professors remind us that we’re almost a third done with the semester. Which means more exams and of course the lovely thought of that week of finals…(yay).

I have too many random thoughts of what I want to say to put in an orderly paragraph manner, so here’s a list of interesting things and lessons I’ve learned over the past month.

1. In university, you do not own your weekends. Your homework and your studies own your weekends. This is not to say that one can’t enjoy the weekend to study with friends; it just means that the weekend is the prime time to get ahead, take your studies at your own pace, and ultimately lighten your load for the upcoming week. Oh, and to study for that exam on Thursday.

2. To remember anything, IMMEDIATELY review notes after class. Or if there’s a class right after, at least make sure to read over lecture notes before the day is over.

3. Speaking of lecture, PREVIEW PREVIEW PREVIEW…unless you want to sit in class lost and confused.

4. Not all homework was created equally, especially across different majors. Therefore, do not complain if you have an engineering paper, rhetoric letter, chemistry homework, and math assignment when your friend has to just read some chapters in a book.

5. (this is specific to my university) On Sunday, Burge, the dining hall closest to me, is not open for supper…which means, either I order pizza, cross the river to eat at Hillcrest, or eat at the IMU. Fun fact: I didn’t know this until last week…*facepalm*

6. Birds of a feather stick together, and in this case I mean international students. Seriously, though, they are always together speaking in their mother tongue, which I understand but they never seem to branch out to the local students here…

7. There’s a LOT of pre-med students. And majority of Biomedical Engineer undergrads are pre-med…

8. It is possible to have a guy friend. I’ve never had many guy friends (if any, ha) but here it’s different because you study with whoever will help you. I have some guys I often study with or just talk with. And my chamber music partner is a guy and it’s tons of fun talking music or engineering with him. It’s cool because talking with boys is different than with girls and I’m glad that I’m able to have guy friends as well.

9. Apparently, engineers don’t like to write? That made me sad to hear it…But so far, a bit majority of engineers and science students in general don’t like, or even despise writing…

And the best fact of all:



So that’s my list of ten things I learned while at Iowa~ Don’t worry, I’m still also learning education things like engineering problem solving and chemistry. Just these are the things that I remember more distinctly, especially number 10 :).

And so, a month later, here I am. Some times during the day, I just stop as I’m walking in the Pentacrest to admire how blue the sky is or how alive the campus is. My campus is beautiful and there are so many fascinating and smart people here. Sometimes I just have to stop to soak it in that I’ve been this blessed to be here.

Onward to the next month, then!


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