Cushions! (for Engineering)

Let’s face it: Engineering has a really strong reputation for being crazy hard and only for smarty-pants. Which, I guess, both are true, but then people always leave out the fact that this major is so incredibly…cushioned!

As in, although the major is incredibly hard and time demanding, there is an amazing, almost overwhelming, amount of support available. I went to visit the tutoring for the first time today and smack dab as soon as you walk in, there’s a huge calendar showing when exam dates are along with respective review session dates. And it gets better from there: the upper classmen in the tutoring sessions had the answers for the engineering problem solving homework (!). (Which, I felt was too close to cheating to explicitly ask for the answers…)

And even now, I’m in the engineering student commons, it’s close to 10:00pm and it doesn’t look like anyone’s leaving anytime soon. And jeepers, even the computer labs are open 24/7…Around me, there’s people in study bunches with laptops out and engineering paper making a pale green layer over the tables. But don’t worry, it’s not like it’s silent in here: people are laughing and chatting, almost as if *gasp!* they’re having fun.

It’s a cool environment, this engineering thing. It’s like everyone’s in the same boat, regardless if you’re an upperclassmen or freshman, everyone had to go through adjusting to the massive homework load, and because of that, upperclassmen are always willing to help. Which, is awesome.

So moral of the story? Engineering is hard, but at least we get lots of cushioning~


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