Jessica, as in Not With Girls’ Generation (anymore)


The entire KPop world was uprooted when it was announced that Jessica Jung (pictured above), a member of the global KPop group Girl’s Generation, would no longer be part of the girl group.

Jessica posted on her Weibo “I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I’m no longer a member. I’m devastated – my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out.” She then followed this post with another saying “You guys are very special people that I love dearly, therefore you deserve to hear the truth from me. I’m deeply saddened and hurt by those who I trusted and hope that you don’t ever have to experience this kind of pain.”

At first, both posts were dismissed as acts of hackers. But then SONE (the Girls’ Generation fan club) and KPop fans were thrown into tailspin when SM entertainment issued a statement that proved that it was in fact Jessica behind the drastic posts.


Actual post:

  • Jessica said that she’d leave
  • She left because of conflicts between Girls’ Generation activities and her recently opened fashion business BLANC

Soon after her company published a statement, Jessica posted her own opinions.


Actual post:

  • Jessica was forced to leave by her company under the ultimatum of choosing between BLANC and Girl’s Generation
  • Because of the contract for BLANC, Jessica chose her fashion business over her group
  • At first, Girls’ Generation had supported BLANC and SM Entertainment gave her permission, but a month after BLANC launched, mindsets were changed and everyone was against her


  • Jessica started a new fashion company BLANC last month
  • Jessica is no longer part of Girls’ Generation; she was not at the airport for the group’s fan meeting

…and that’s it. All other statements from both parties aren’t matching, so that means that someone’s wrong or perhaps both are wrong. More evidence needs to surface before a verdict can be made about what the truth of the situation is.


Jessica has been with Girls’ Generation for a whooping FIFTEEN years. Don’t you think that a friendship, or maybe just a relationship, that has lasted that long would result in at least a mutual understanding between members? I mean, you can’t sing and dance forever. You’re human: you’ll have a family, you’ll get older, and one day you won’t be able to dance as well as you used to. So it makes sense that Jessica is starting to think of the future with her BLANC fashion line to support her.

But wait; Jessica just renewed her contract with SM. SM said that it’d respect and support her solo activities but really, right after renewing your contract, you’re going to rip it into shreds and spit it into the face of your opponents?

Another plot twist: there are rumours that Jessica is engaged to Tyler Kwon who is involved in BLANC’s upbringing. Netizens are pointing to the ring she’s wearing as an engagement ring and saying that she visited Kwon in New York while in town for her fashion show. At first, Jessica’s departure from Girls’ Generation was explained by apotential marriage to Kwon. But even after the truth surfaced, netizens attacked Kwon’s Twitter, prompting him to say that there’s no marriage plans and that “the truth of what really happened will be known”. Kwon’s last statement raised many eyebrows, adding another shadow of doubt over the incident.

And then, of course, there are the unconfirmed insider reports. Dispatch said that they met with three insiders who added more juice to the story, saying that Jessica wanted out before but then agreed to withhold until the next album. The insiders also said that Jessica was indeed engaged to Tyler Kwon.


…we need more information. Like I said before, we only have two facts that we know absolutely for sure.

And, unlike the crazy storm on tumblr, I don’t think that it’s conclusive to blame SM entertainment about this. Yes, SM has had its share of members leaving, but Jessica’s case presents something new because she’s been with the group for a while and the split is over a business she started, not some problems in the contract.

My friend Blue put it this way:  “I feel like just because the company Jessica’s under just happens to be SM that everyone’s jumping to assume that SM is the reasoning behind everything bad in the world.” (PS, Blue’s gonna give her share of opinions on this too, check out her thoughts here:

Fans are taking this to the next level on social media with #stopsment:


The post continues to say that SM is disgusting and should be shut down and has slave contracts, etc… Which, by the way, kind of sounds like what some other companies do as well. A large majority of KPop idols undergo the insane diet plans and overworked schedules that SM artist do as well. SM just has a bigger spotlight since it’s bigger. Now perhaps SM is more extreme, but please, do you seriously think that #stopsment will help the situation?

Perhaps we should make that hashtag into #protectouridols instead, so improve the lives of ALL idols. And also, fans shouldn’t hate so strongly on SM since, well, they did give us the groups we so adore.

And maybe the best thing to do in this situation is to wait patiently and give both Girls’ Generation and Jessica support. Us pointing fingers or trying to wreck SM will only result in more frustration and more hate towards SM via unverified accusations. Jessica is human as is Girls’ Generation, so let’s give them space to breathe and continue with what we were always doing : cheering them on, regardless the situation.


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