A State of Okay

Preface: this is going to be a more philosophical/deep post compared to my last ones. Don’t expect this to be as light and fluffy, haha~

So. This past week was kind of insane for me, if you couldn’t tell by my random dipping into philosophy while drinking tea post X). It was midterms week and just kind of in general, I’ve been feeling down about myself, my body, my time management skills and well everything.

But now, just sitting in my room listening to some Christian music I feel at a state of okay. With my cup of tea and in my pyjamas, for some reason now everything is shifting into focus. I think, no, I’m positive a big reason why is the simplified, solid music that I’m listening to. Christian music always recharges me like nothing else because of the messages it holds. And in comparison to the circus act of KPop, this music is so much more substantial and filling. Not to say that KPop is less or anything, but I believe that each type of music has its own purpose. KPop, I think, is more of an energy boost or mood shifter while Christian music is my go-to for slice of peace, joy, or something to really hold on to.

It’s not like I totally forgot about my other worries; trust me, I still have to work on my time management and work out (as in exercise). But just in this moment, it’s not like everything’s frozen, it’s more like everything makes more sense and I’m feeling a little bit more okay.

Also, here’s some of the songs I was listening to~

-Calling Glory: Teach Me to Love


:I am With You


-Everfound: God of the Impossible



4 thoughts on “A State of Okay”

  1. So happy that you are finding some refuge in His arms. I really believe in how you should guard your heart and your head from outside influence no matter how innocent it looks. Your head can hold only so many thoughts, and I think majority should be your course work and God, I said “majority” not 100%. When you veer away from that, you will bear the fruit of uncertainties and restlessness. You know that going to church and spending time with your church friends is great, but time alone with God is more important than anything for you now. We are praying that you will stay focused on God and school, …Love you so much and miss you bunch!

  2. Hey Ashley, thank you for being so honest about life, it helps me to be able to pray for you in a more substantial way 🙂 You know it’s fine to be just okay sometimes… everyone always asks “how are you?”, and we feel like we have to give some energetic happy response. Well sometimes we’re just doing okay, or maybe not so okay. Keep listening to that Christian music 🙂 I love you! Can’t wait to see you soon!

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