Religious Rant #2: Crazy Preacher Man

It’s time for another religious rant, dear followers. Just an fyi, it’s not like I plan these things, they just happen as I’m walking to class. I promise to make my next post more fluffy; it might be some MV review or something about how I feel more Canadian on campus~

But back to my rant.

Here’s what initiated it.


But Ashley, you may think, doesn’t that look like as if an apostle was preaching like in ye olden days? I suppose, yes. But then look at the other sign nearby:



Ah yes, because everyone wants to start off a fresh week with a loud, blaring sign saying


Thank you, preacher dude. Thank you for making such a ruckus and making all of Christianity seem like a circus act.

Okay, I’m going take my attitude out of this and seriously analyze what’s going on. I’m going to look at this guy from a rhetorical perspective (as, well, I’m writing a rhetorical analysis paper).


Pathos means ’emotions’ and logos means ‘logic’. Clearly, this guy was going to try to scare everyone into repenting. He was yelling and making big arm motions. And I have a feeling he was going to try to tie everyone’s fear of hell as a reason to come to God.

Which, already his extreme emotional appeal is a fallacious (false) argument since he leans heavily on scare tactics…


Yes, I understand, we all do deserve hell because we all fall short of God’s glory. But still, is there a need to shout it in public places and shove it down people’s throats? Sure, it’ll work for some people but wait is that all Christianity is, a get-out ticket from Hell? What about the relationship? What about the mission? What about the life changing part?

Honestly, when I see situations like this I feel frustrated and embarrassed because of them. Okay, maybe they’re lead by God to speak like that but still it’s like can you…not? Is this considered being ashamed of the gospel? Should I not be ashamed?

I feel torn from how I presently feel and I know. Granted, the obnoxious sign was right but at the same time no one wants that bright and early on a beautiful autumn day. And the preacher guy seemed like he was saying the right stuff, but still…a part of me is wincing inwardly.


I don’t even know what to say. My brain feels like it’s on overdrive trying to make sense of it all.

One thing though is that, thank God, it’s not my responsibility to ultimately correct everything. God might use that crazy preacher dude to reach to some people. I’m sure the preacher guy also majorly turned some people off, but that doesn’t mean that God’s done with them. God’s in control. God’s in control…and I’m not (phew).

I guess what I can do is pray that even in the midst of this extreme method of evangelism that some people will take something away, something more than the fact that some crazy man in a tweed suit is screaming at the world that we’re all going to hell…


5 thoughts on “Religious Rant #2: Crazy Preacher Man”

  1. This reminds me of the evangelizing program “Way of the Master” (it’s like…a course??), where they basically advise you to go up to people, ask a bunch of leading questions, and then say to those people, “So basically, you’re a lying, thieving, murderous adulterer that deserves hell! :D”. Not many people are going to come to Christianity after being accused of awful things, even those accusations are theologically sound.

    I like this post. I like all of your posts 🙂

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