The Lovely Blog Award!

Hello dear readers 🙂 I’ve been nominated by the amazingly talented Theodora for the One Lovely Blog Award! This is completely unexpected because I didn’t think that my writing was extremely stellar as it was more my random thoughts in writing form; regardless, thanks Theo for nominating me! She’s a pretty awesomesauce writer so I highly recommend that you check out her blog! (Go do it! NOW! :D)


Along with getting to stick the above picture on my blog, I also get to share 7 facts about myself and nominate 15 other blogs for this award.

So, without further ado, here’s 7 facts about me 🙂

1. I’ve traveled around the globe before I was one. …yeah. My parents like to travel, and I inherited that from them 🙂

2. I’ve lived in five different countries (USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada). Because of this, I learned a bit of Mandarin in Singapore (not enough to hold a conversation, though…sadly), some Spanish in the States, and French while I lived in Montreal.

3. I hope to study abroad in Korea one day. I want to know how it feels to live there as a native and I’m fascinated with their culture.

4. (Jeez, this format is so weird to share facts…hm, what’s an interesting fact worth sharing?-) Oh! I’m double-jointed in my fingers! That’s always fun to show people, ahaha X)

5. Uhhh, I’m already running out of ideas?- Um um um…okay, I guess this is a fact about me? I used to drink a lot of milk but after doing this diet thing over the summer, I rarely drink it. Water is my go-to drink now. (I highly doubt that’s what the 7 facts were supposed to cover, but oh well!-)

6. Apparently, I sleep talk. Erin told me that she heard me muttering in Korean one time, and another time I was saying ‘essay’ in my sleep because it was stressing me out. The things you learn from having a roommate, I tell ya!

7. One day I want to speak on the TED stage. I’m not sure (yet) why I’ll be up there, but I want to get to a stage in my profession (whatever that’ll be…) that I can give a speech on that platform.

And now, you know more about the girl behind the random posts about religious rantings, travel stories, and Hallyu~

For the fifteen blogs…um, I don’t regularly read blogs very often > < (my bad). I’ve been reading mostly the two blogs I posted below, so I nominate these two blugs but I trust that my followers all have lovely blogs, so take this as an invitation to use this award! Pretty sure this is going against the rules, but oh well, let’s just share the love~

Blue’s blog is similar to mine in that she writes about a variety of things. I like her writing style and it’s also fun to see her fashion taste and style. Check her site out for me? 🙂

Erin’s blog is very well written. And I mean like, wow you can tell she’s an English major :’). Her blog is more like an online journal and very eloquent, do visit her blog when you get the chance~

So that’s that! Spread the love in the blogosphere! And even outside of it, just go up to someone and tell them they’re lovely or awesome~ Have a fantastic day everyone! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Lovely Blog Award!”

    #3 is funny :p
    #7 is very ambitious and I hope that someday we’ll be able to attend each other’s talks 😉 I’m sure you’ll make it up there before I do, ehhh..

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