Until Then!-

For now, I’m at Iowa City, studying in a majority Caucasian school in an American environment. But two years from now I’m hoping (actually, it’d be more accurate to say really really REALLY) wanting to study abroad in Korea.

Sometimes as I go through my day, I try to imagine what it’d be like to look around and see Koreans everywhere. How will it be to hear Korean more than English? How will it be to address teachers in Korean? Or even just the aspect of living in Korea for a semester or a year, how will that go? Like groceries or eating at restaurants or going to church?

(realization:…this sounds almost exactly like my post before I went to Korea this past summer, haha~)

I guess I’ll have to wait and see at this point. But it’s not like I don’t have enough things to do until then, cause you know, college is still happening in the meantime X).


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