Red Leaves~


Don’t you just love fall?

It gets chillier,

the sweaters break out along with

the scarves

and army boots (that seems to be in style nowadays).

The leaves change color

and release their grasp

to float back to earth,


only to be pounded by excited (college) kids.

It’s like maybe all the leaves show their true colors now

because just a couple of weeks ago,

the trees were all the same color

but now,

there’s rich reds, mellow yellows and stubborn greens

scattering the campus.

But my favorite are the red leaves,

bright like fire,

bold like flames jumping towards the sky,

except these flames jump towards the ground

and leave no trace.


Wow, I haven’t written poetry in a looooong time. Sorry if that sucked, aha~ I was actually planning to do this in prose, but then I thought why not break out some poetry. So here it is. Not my best, but it’s a start. It’s more like someone stretching their muscles after a long time of inactivity.

I took the picture above on my way to chamber rehearsal. It’s actually remarkable: out of all the trees lining the path to the bridge, there are only two trees sporting brilliant red leaves. And I don’t think the picture does full justice to the brilliance of the leaves, but they really do look like live flames in person. Every time I walk past them I just stop to admire their colors.

And every time I walk by, I also have this song slowly ease into my mind, as its first lines are “Red leaves…”

Pretty relaxing song, eh? It’s perfect for the autumn weather, acoustic and simplified. You can almost imagine someone singing it by a fireplace or around a bonfire :).

Anyhow, thanks for reading this random hodgepodge of poetry, music, and my thoughts about the beauty of autumn~


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