From a College Kid’s Perspective

We were supposed to meet at the Burge Marketplace for lunch. According to this plan, I wouldn’t have to step outside since I could use the Daum Tunnel to get to Burge and I would be able to spend minimal time eating so I could work on my essay.

But when I finally emerged from the Daum tunnel, instead of seeing the usual sparse students scattered on the coaches in front of the cashier, I saw massive lines of parents and potential Hawkeyes clogging the lines and hallways.

Welcome to the University of Iowa Open House!-

It was so obvious that they weren’t from the University, what with their bright yellow HawkShop bags and blaring lanyards. And of course, the tour guides ushering the crowds to and from different stops as they explained HawkDollars and how the Marketplace worked.

And also, it kind of seemed like it was easy to pick out the high schoolers simply by how they dressed. The girls were all make-uped and had a high school fashion (if that makes sense?- Like not saying that it’s not as good as what my style is now, but it just seemed to scream that they were from high school, still trying to please everyone and pull off the effortlessly cool act).

I felt almost as if the guides could point to me and my friends and be like “Look! College students in their natural habitat!” Not saying that the groups were gawking at us or anything, but now with people touring the university, I felt more conscious that yes, you are part of this large institute and you are different from them.

It’s weird, though, because I remember when I was doing campus tours and watching the college students with a secret sense of awe at these older kids who were living on their own. They seemed so cool and higher than me, in some way.

But now, from the college kid’s perspective, it’s totally different.


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