There was a magic show at my university today. It was called The MAZE and was largely advertised and really hyped up. But I knew what it was about all along…it was a method to attract people to hear the magician’s testimony. Hm…

I didn’t end up going, but as I was in the lounge, I overheard some floormates discussing the show. They said they enjoyed it until, as one girl put it, “He got to the religious part.”

My goodness, the way that she said it and the way they further discussed it was as if being religious was synonymous with being despicable. Geez.

A friend who hadn’t gone asked for further details and the people who attended explained what I already knew: the magic was a way to attract the crowd. And the magic was really impressive, apparently. But many people were thrown off when he said “Now I’m going to talk religious and you can either stick around or if it’s not your thing, you can leave.”

Then the magician shared his testimony, something about being a cancer survivor. And then he urged everyone to find their true life in Jesus. And really emphasized that religion is not what we need, but rather a relationship with God. (One girl said that she was thinking that the statement of no religion would go badly at a Christian college, which, I beg to differ but they’d probably cheer at the statement)

And to my surprise, the girls said that they weren’t turned off by the guy’s religious talk. I was expecting them to say something like “then everyone left” but apparently the majority stayed. He was, according to the girl, very honest as he spoke, not like the people they were used to before, which THANK GOODNESS cause all the students saw was the crazy pastor guy I ranted about…

Hopefully, through the magician some kids  let go of their idea that Christianity is some outdated religious act. Or at the least, the guy entertained them well and planted a seed. Now it’s up to God to let it grow~


Sidenote: Hi guys, sorry it’s been a while since I wrote…I’m going to try to write more often as to make myself spend less time on pointless things like Youtube and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. So please expect more of my writing soon! ^^



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