The Sadness of Next Semester…

I had to get my schedule done for next semester. I went into the process wanting to keep my three performance classes in cue: Orchestra, Chamber Music, and Lessons.

But to my absolute dismay, my core classes wouldn’t allow me to take orchestra. Orchestra, the activity that I was involved in since seventh grade. Orchestra, that gave me the best memories of making music.

Orchestra, that I now had to drop just for a chemistry lab ONCE A WEEK.

What will I even do will my extra time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Okay, okay, yes I could study and stuff but it’ll just be so weird…and I’m sure that I’ll find things to fill up that time but still it’s going to be hard going to orchestra concerts, knowing that I was there just last semester.

But this is what I have to do more often, I guess, won’t I? I have to let go of some things to get others and decide what my priorities are.

This much I know for sure, though. This won’t be my last time playing in the Symphony Orchestra. I will find a way to fit it in another time, some how.


1 thought on “The Sadness of Next Semester…”

  1. Does your school have a volunteer orchestra? Mine does that – faculty, students, admin, whoever can join. They only practice once a week and put on one concert per semester, but it’s still fun 🙂

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