#AlexFromTarget…wait, what?!?

I was scrolling down Instagram and got really confused when I saw Ellen’s post about some kid names Alex from Target. I thought at first that it was prank thing where someone from Ellen went undercover at Target but no, it was even weirder than I thought…

Apparently, while I was busy with college, the Internet has been exploding over this Alex from Target fellow. And it all started from (pretty much) a creeper picture a girl took of a good looking cash register guy.

I mean, seriously. Look at the picture.


And then, loads of people liked it and bam, overnight this random sixteen year old working at Target became an Internet sensation for literally doing…nothing.


He even went on the Ellen show. …wow.


However, some people are now speculating that this wasn’t some pie in the sky happy coincidence for a lucky sixteen year old. Other viral sensations have been secretly organized by companies, like Ellen’s famous Oscar selfie. And Target has been going downhill in stocks too, so maybe Alex from Target is a clever ploy to trap all the fangirls to boost revenue.

Who knows. But jeez, it’s gotten to the point where a single picture can spread like a wildfire and make someone famous.

Just think about that for a second…(*mind explosion*)

Our world has become so interwoven through the Internet that it has come to this point. It’s definitely a cool concept, but at the same time, we need our own elbow room, don’t you think?-


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