My (weird) Fascination: Mixed Races and Adoption

I needed to be inspired. I was done with frying my brain with pointless Youtube videos, so I turned to the greatest alternative to Youtube: TED. And to amuse myself, I typed in Korea to see what videos it would offer.

And I found this gem:

First off, I was confused about how “The Story of a Girl” could be related to Korea, but I decided to give the video a shot. Actually, more accurately, I read the transcript to see if it was worth it.

And boy oh boy, it was worth it.

I have been fascinated with adoption and mixed races for a while now. It seems like such a rich, unique experience to be part of two different worlds. It almost seemed like something from a fantasy world, equivalent of a character discovering that they were actually royalty in another kingdom.

Now I know that not all adoptions work fluidly. I’ve read a sad account about an adoptee finding their birth parents and only being disappointed by the process and the situation. But still, I was still enchanted by the concept of adoption.

And mixed races! My goodness, even more so with that. What fusion of characteristics and aesthetics will arise? How will the traits from the parents’ cultures meld into their child? Will the child be equally interested in both, or disown one for favour of another? It’s such a lush blend of cultures, mindsets, characteristics, and features!-

Natasha from this video amazed me. She looked like such a typical American girl, but she was half Korean and didn’t speak English until she was in seventh grade! In the sea of black haired, brown eyed students, though she stuck out like a sore thumb, she melded in fluidly and acted like there were no differences.

Another half Korean person that fascinated me was Michelle Lee. She’s half Korean, half African American. She has an amazing voice and was in the talent show Kpop Star. She didn’t win, but still got to debut under another company with a powerful music video showing her struggles being half Korean half African American:

And there’s also Tasha with her amazing song ‘Black Happiness’

(Ahhhh, I can’t. Jeepers, I don’t even know how to end this post, I’m too busy with my mind exploding from this culture of a mixed race.)

In conclusion, I’m really fascinated by mixed races and adoption. In fact, there’s actually someone on my floor who is half Korean half African American but he has a bad image of all Asians and doesn’t acknowledge the Korean half of his heritage…but I’ve really wanted to peek into how he was raised, how did his mom balance Koreanness and Americanness, is he interested at all…but I doubt he’d be willing to talk about it.

Ah, but it’s so fascinating!-


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