10 Things I Miss About Canada

Next Saturday, I finally get to fly back home to Montreal. I’ve been counting down to this for a while and I can’t believe it’s already a week away. How will it be when I go back? What about when I see my family? Or how will it be walking through the halls of John Abbott, what will that feel like as someone who graduated (in a sense) from it? And seeing my friends from the outside when only a couple of months ago I was with them?…

So, to commemorate going back to Montreal, here’s a list of ten things that I miss from Canada~

1) Montreal bagels!!!

When my Montreal friends told me that there was a difference between Montreal bagels and American bagels, I didn’t really believe them. Even after I tried the Montreal bagels, I didn’t notice that much of a difference.

And then, last Tuesday my rhetoric professor brought bagels for the class and I was so pumped but when I bit into the bagel…OH MY GOSH THE DIFFERENCE. HOLY COW. I stopped and stared at the bagel in my hand, completely dumbfounded. There was that much of a difference? I ate the rest of the bagel, but still it wasn’t the same. American bagels aren’t as thick and hearty as Montreal bagels, it’s almost like the American bagels don’t have as much…oomph. None of my classmates understood my disappointment. To them, it didn’t make sense that bagels from a Canadian city would taste any different than regular bagels.


2) Syrup

…duh. I mean, it’s to the degree that they had ‘sugar free syrup’ in the cafeteria but dude, what. No, just no. And to make matters worse, there’s this one area on campus that smells deliciously like maple syrup…that I can’t have…

3) Loonies and Toonies

Dollar bills<loonies and toonies. Seriously, all these flapping paper bills are a pain in my wallet. The dollar coins are so much easier, cause then you can carry them all in a coin purse. The best part is that when I first moved to Montreal, I was on the dollar bill side, but after three years, I’m converted to the dollar coin sign.

Speaking of the difference between money…

4) Color coded bills

All American money is green! (and kind of gross too…) But Canadian money is pretty~ It’s colour coded for each bill type which makes life so much easier. AND, our (and I mean Canadian) hundred dollar bills have scratch-and-sniff maple leaves. #win

5) ‘eh’

Not saying that every Canadian says ‘eh’, but when it slips in my speech, people here FREAK OUT. Like just a couple days ago, I said ‘eh’ and this guy in the lounge who wasn’t part of the conversation said “Ahaha, it’s like what Canadians do!”

And I was like “…I lived in Montreal for three years.”

Him:…I thought you were making fun of Canadians!

Me: There would have been no context for that?…

Him: I’ve never met someone who did that naturally before! *extreme fascination*

6) Less gun talk

I was shocked at how much ‘gun talk’ there is here. Like jeepers, we barely talk about that in Canada because it’s not a big deal. But here, it’s a big part of the elections and it’s common. (…)

7) French!!!

Yes, le français me manque. I mostly hear English and it’s kind of like…oh, okay then. I do occasionally hear Spanish or Mandarin from some exchange students but not French.


Welcome to Iowa, where you can’t get anywhere if you don’t have a car -.-. I miss being able to get anywhere via the bus or metro…here I feel restricted and strongly dependent on someone with a car…

9) What the heck is a doughnut hole?

In Canada, we call them Timbits, thank you very much X). Which, yes, I know that Timbits are doughnut holes but it threw me off…

10) ‘zed’ instead of ‘zee’

Again, another Canadian-ism that I’ve been converted to. I mean, it’s even gotten to the point that when I hear people say ‘zee’ for a variable in math or ‘zee effective’ in chemistry, it just sounds wrong.

So there it is, ten things I miss from Canada. Only a week and three days until I go back!- 🙂


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