It’s magical;

falling little stars



gracefully gliding down to earth,

to nature,

to the rest of humanity

like heavenly beings

coming to visit for a while.


It’s snowing today! Geez, I feel like if anyone saw me, they would have thought that it was my first time seeing snow because as I was walking, I was smiling like an idiot, looking here, there, anywhere to see the snow gently come to kiss the earth. It didn’t matter that my day was kind of weird or whatnot because the ethereal snow made me pull away to simply admire how beautiful snow is.

I mean, just try watching snow fall. Look up: it never seems to end, does it? And it keeps on going, gently, taking it’s sweet time almost as if it’s watching its surroundings, perhaps marvelling at us as much as we are marvelling at them.


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