The Charm of Choir Music

I was about to start to study Chemistry but before I did I had to listen to a song. It was something from the far reaches of my memory, a song heard from behind a pew taller than me (at the time), a song impressed into my mind. No, it’s not some old Britney Spears song (though I do remember one of her old songs from living in the Philippines).

It’s this song.

It’s called 사랑 없으면, translated as “Without Love”. My parents sang this in the church choir in the Phillipines (I think? Or was it Jakarta?-…whoops). I don’t even know why I had it float into my head from the deep recesses of my memory. It’s been ages since I last heard it, but now I’m glad that I’m listening to it (…on repeat).

Choir music has this charm that contemporary radio music doesn’t have. The fact of all these people singing together, no auto tune, no touch ups, is just so honest and human. And it moves me in a way differently than a ballad can. And it’s just so complex. I mean, the four parts (sometimes more) all woven perfectly together creating a beautiful medley of voices singing as one.

That’s what I miss most about singing in a choir. I got the chance to sing in a choir during Honors Primetime, right before classes started, and it was the best thing I’ve experienced in a long time. While I lived in Montreal, my school didn’t offer a choir. Or rather, we had a small ragtag choir but it was nothing compared to the Master Chorale at Dunlap. I missed being able to create such rich pieces with different ranges of voices. I can’t really explain it that well expect to say that there’s something truly magical about singing with other people.


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