Seated Next to Me

I wondered where she was going.


She was very well dressed,

in a neat black and white dress,

black tights,

knee-high black boots,

expensive looking jewellery,

make-up that was constantly being reapplied,

manicured nails.


She calmly reached once more for her bag,

withdrawing a mint,

then quietly slipping the purse back under the chair in front of her.

Was she always this well dressed?

Was she this way to impress someone?

Was she about to be reunited with family

or meet someone important?


Her hands deftly opened her clear water bottle,

Evian, the company.

She took a sip,

continuing to watch the sparkling city come closer

and closer

as clouds rolled by.


She leaned in closer to the city,

her eyes never leaving the window.


Another sip.


I wondered where she was going.


I have arrived in Atlanta, Georgia! I feel much more refreshed after sleeping during the flight and I’m ready to read, write, and eat some good food cause there’s some nice restaurants here~

I wrote this when I woke up from my (much needed) nap. I was always intrigued by the woman next to me, so when I woke up from my nap, I was feeling poetic and whipped out my notebook to scribble something down. (without her suspecting that I was writing about her)

Hope you enjoyed it!


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